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Lindsay Woodward Marketing has launched a brand new newsletter that provides marketing tips to help businesses improve their marketing.

In a time when there is so much conflicting advice and information, it can be hard for people to know where to start with marketing, but it’s one of the most important elements for any growing business. Lindsay Woodward has 17 years’ experience in marketing, a wealth of training, she’s a Chartered Marketer and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Having dedicated a great deal of time to increasing her marketing skill set, she wanted to offer some of her insight to other companies to help them better reach their audiences.

This is all part of the Illuminate Your Marketing campaign that Lindsay Woodward Marketing began in May, encouraging businesses to take more time to consider their overall marketing strategy than just try lots of things and see what works. A more strategic approach will take less time and will guarantee better results.

Lindsay says, “It’s a tough time for businesses right now, but it’s vital that we keep marketing. However, doing lots of things and hoping for the best can sometimes be more detrimental than not doing anything at all, as it can send out confusing, conflicting messages, or you can switch your audience off completely. It’s time not to just do marketing, but to do it right. I hope that this new newsletter will provide some useful tips for businesses who are serious about marketing properly.”

Sign up for the newsletter, or for any other enquiries about marketing, please contact us.

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