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United Results

Lindsay Woodward Marketing is proud to be working alongside three other marketing experts to offer clients the unique chance to get unparalleled insight into how their marketing is working and how they can start to make improvements.

You can choose any of the options below.

Alternatively, you could work through them one by one, starting with the Free Marketing Audit, and then taking baby steps to that fully established  ‘let’s knock it out of the park’ marketing plan.

1. Free Marketing Audit

Free advice tailored to your business from marketing experts

Our Free Marketing Audit will explore the marketing you’ve been doing to date and will offer advice and guidance on where the strengths and weaknesses are and how you could make improvements to get better results.

This is open to any business. Simply fill out our short form and we’ll take care of the rest.

There is no obligation to do any work with us. We just want to share ideas that could make everything so much better.

2. Advice Panel

Ask the questions you want to ask

The United Results experts will come together in a Zoom meeting with you for 1 hour where you can ask any questions about marketing and get tailored advice to your business. This will be more in depth than the Marketing Audit and it will be far more specific.

The cost to this is £199, but the return on investment could be unlimited.

To get started or to find out more, please contact us.

The Small Print

  • To get the best results, we recommend that you ask for a free Marketing Audit first so that we’ve already got to know a bit about your business
  • The cost will be invoiced in advance and then a time can be selected to suit you
  • If you then move on to work with any of the United Results experts, the cost of the Advice Panel will be deducted from your first invoice


3. Time for Action

Let’s proactively start getting you results

If you’re excited about the idea of having united marketing experts working for you – who are all at the top of their game – then it’s time for action.

As part of our offering here we will:

  • Have a discovery meeting with you to discuss what you want to achieve, and we’ll get to understand your business
  • We’ll agree your objectives and that’s when we’ll agree the costs involved
  • We’ll create an action plan utilising a large range of marketing tactics (to any budget you set)
  • We’ll work together to execute that action plan, taking all the hard work out of your hands
  • You’ll start getting results

Costs here will depend on what you want to achieve, as every plan will be completely bespoke. But we can work to your budget here so you will always be in control.

To get started here or find out more, just let us know you are interested.

Why are we working together

As colleagues who have known each other for some time and who all respect each other’s level of expertise, we were all chatting one day. We soon realised that we were seeing the same issue with businesses across a multitude of industries:

  • Their marketing wasn’t joined up – their social media was working in a different way to their website and to their lead generation activity, and so on
  • They only knew what they knew and they hadn’t appreciated all of the marketing tactics that they could be utilising, which might use less budget to get more gains
  • They had no strategy in place
  • Their brands weren’t strong enough
  • Most of what they did was ad hoc


There is no reason why any business should suffer from bad marketing. If you’re not getting the results you expect, there could be some very basic reasons as to why.

Our Free Marketing Audit will quickly expose the weaknesses in your marketing, and we’re confident that we can give you some ideas of other things you can be doing that you may have never explored before.

How good could your marketing be?
Well, it's now free to find out.
So what have you got to lose?