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We like to do things differently at Lindsay Woodward Marketing

Working with us is like having a huge marketing department at a fraction of the cost

We are a full service marketing agency helping clients with their websites, social media management, branding, content and graphic design. We can help you in a lot of different ways, but we don’t focus on tactics. At Lindsay Woodward Marketing we know that the only way to ensure success is to have a strategic approach.

By strategic approach, we mean that we find out what you want to achieve and then we choose the right actions to make sure you achieve it. Because we’re full service, it means we can select from any part of the marketing mix to ensure you get the results you need. We’re not limited to any single area.

Think of us as your massive marketing department. But we’re far more cost effective than having to pay for all those skills in house.

  • One contact – We can look after all your marketing, meaning you won’t have different agencies to deal with
  • Unified – You will automatically get a joined up approach which will significantly improve results
  • Cost effective – Because we look after everything, it makes it far more cost effective for you, and we can get to know your business really well, acting as part of your team
  • Your choice – We can work to any budget and work with any in house resources you might have
  • Knowledge – We are highly trained and experienced – we really know what we’re doing and we know how to get results
  • Passion – If that’s not enough, our passion for marketing will make it enjoyable for you as well
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Stand Out Marketing

Before we work with any client, we make sure we get to know their business. And we mean know it. We use all of our training and experience to really dig deep into businesses to unearth the true value and the real assets that can make them thrive.

The key to success isn’t always about making big changes. Just tweaking or enhancing what you already have can propel you forward in ways you couldn’t imagine.

We then use our innate creativity to bring your strategy and plan to life, whether it’s through innovative copy and content, first class graphic design or a clever lead generation campaign. We provide stand out marketing that will set you apart from all of your competition.

Heading up our team....

Meet our Directors

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Lindsay Woodward

Marketing Director

Lindsay Woodward is a CIM qualified Chartered Marketer and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. For 20 years she has been helping to enhance brands and grow businesses. She has worked across the full marketing mix and can create stand out marketing strategies and clever plans that effectively utilise a range of actions. Her mantra is that every action should be purpose driven and actually make a difference to a business.

She is also an adept writer that can create high quality content to meet any requirement. Writing is her passion. When she’s not marketing, you can find her working on her latest novel!

Mark Woodward

Operations Director

Mark comes from a scientific background, having spent more than 30 years as a Scientist for a range of independent companies. He brings to Lindsay Woodward Marketing exceptional analytical skills that are an asset when working on marketing strategies.

As well as running the day to day operations in the business, he handles some of the more technical aspects of client work, ensuring there is always a good balance between creativity and scientific logic. That means we’re able to offer the perfect mix to any successful marketing activity!


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