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When I tell people I work in marketing, one of the first questions I normally get asked is “Do you do social media?” It’s become the heart of marketing activity for many businesses. Whilst that may work for some businesses, I always try to encourage my clients to do more. That’s because the more three dimensional their marketing is, the better chance of success. And one area so often overlooked is the power of PR.

PR is a huge subject and is generally about building and managing the reputation of a business. But in terms of activities for small businesses, I think it’s about finding a voice and getting it out there. Have you ever sent out a press release? What news do you generate about your business? Every business has a story to tell, so how are you getting your story out there?

Having an article published in a relevant trade publication, be it in print or online, can be very powerful for a company. And best of all, such activity doesn’t come with a huge price tag. News sites and publications want and need interesting material. They want to be telling their readership about what is happening in the local area, they want your expertise on your particular subject matter, and they want to help you convey your achievements.

It hasn’t got to be the most ground breaking news in the world. An interesting case study, reaching a milestone in your business or being able to provide insight into an area that may be valuable to a willing audience is all part of the PR process. You then have material that you can put on your own website as well, and you can talk about it on social media with a call to action. One piece of material is suddenly a larger part of a marketing strategy.

If you’re a small business and you’ve never sent out a press release or written an article, I’d recommend giving it a go. Start to think of news you have about your company or what piece of insight you could offer, and get writing. What’s the worst that can happen?

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