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Lindsay Woodward Publishes 9th Novel

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Lindsay Woodward, our Marketing Director, has just published her 9th novel called The Cat’s Eyes.

Lindsay has always had a passion for words, and even has a degree in Writing & Media. It was this skillset that led her to start a career in marketing, but she’s always worked away in the background on her novels, and her latest creation was published on 28th July 2023.

The Cat’s Eyes is promoted as a romance story with a splash of evil, and follows Lindsay’s normal genre for writing love stories with a twist.

Lindsay commented: “I love to write novels that are pure escapism. My stories are in modern day settings with everyday people, but then really bizarre things happen to them. The idea for The Cat’s Eyes came from a cat that used to hound us. I thought there’s a story here that needs exploring, and before I knew it I was writing a novel about that over-confident cat.”

Lindsay’s other books include a romantic comedy about a girl who’s invisible, a romance suspense about two people who could never have met yet know everything about each other, and her highly rated Bird series, which is a supernatural love story.

Lindsay said: “My readers are always telling me how original my stories are and what a weird imagination I must have. I don’t know if that is a good thing or not, but I’m really proud that I’m able to give readers something a bit different that takes the normal romance formula and turns it on its head a bit.

“I have many more novels planned and tons of new ideas, and I’m already working on my new book which I’m hoping will be out next year.”

Lindsay’s book can be purchased from Amazon –,

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