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Behavioural Economics Boosts Strategic Offering

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Lindsay Woodward has completed a training course on Behavioural Economics through the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), meaning that the strategic support we offer can now be far more innovative.

Behavioural Economics is the science of consumer choice that studies the way that people think. There are 12 principles that can be used to create more powerful marketing content and ideas.

Lindsay said: “I touched upon Behavioural Economics when I did the Strategy Masterclass with the CIM a couple of years ago and I found it fascinating. I knew learning more about it would enable me to be smarter in how we help customers. It will give our clients a far better competitive edge, and I think it gives Lindsay Woodward Marketing a huge edge too.”

As a Chartered Marketer, Lindsay is committed to doing training and development every year, and this year is her 10th consecutive year of professional development.

Lindsay comments, “Just ploughing in straight to do social media posting or email marketing without having a strategy and plan is often money down the drain for businesses. It doesn’t have to be in depth, but if businesses take a step back to create a strategy first, they’ll definitely see better results.

“With clever thinking, you don’t always need a huge marketing budget. You need to know how to use what you’ve got to best effect. We can help with that.”

As a full service agency, Lindsay Woodward Marketing is a one stop shop for businesses, meaning we can take care of all marketing needs. We also have the added benefit of being very strategic and clever, meaning everything is very smart and well thought through.

Lindsay concludes, “We urge businesses to work with marketing agencies that are trained and who follow a marketing strategy. Don’t risk your marketing results by working with someone who doesn’t fully understand how to get the best results from the full marketing mix.”

To find out more about how Lindsay Woodward Marketing could boost your marketing efforts, please contact us.

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