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Marketing Expert Celebrates Incredible Milestone in Training & Development

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Lindsay Woodward, Marketing Director of full service marketing agency Lindsay Woodward Marketing, has just achieved her 10th year as a Chartered Marketer, showing a significant dedication to training and development within the marketing industry.

There are only 3000 Chartered Marketers in the world. This rare status is awarded by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) as a recognition of ongoing dedication to professional development and training, and only those with a commitment to the very highest standards in marketing practice will secure this accolade.

Lindsay said, “When I got my certificate to say I’d attained my Chartered Marketer status for another year – now my 10th year in a row – I was over the moon. This status is not an easy thing to achieve in the first place, and then it takes a lot of time and dedication to ensure you keep up with the requirements.

“But when you see that certificate and you know what it means, it makes all the hard work worthwhile.

“Every year I have to put time aside to improve my knowledge and understanding of marketing. But this then means that I always have the most up to date skills. I am so proud of my achievements.”

To achieve this status, each year Lindsay completes a mixture of activities, including training courses, attending seminars and webinars, reading, mentoring and visiting expos. In the past few years Lindsay has completed masterclasses in marketing strategy and social media, alongside more recently completing a course on behavioural economics.

She said, “I try to learn what is going to be relevant to my clients. Having the right knowledge specific to their needs is vital if I’m going to offer the best service. The CIM provides a broad range of training, and I also attend events hosted by Marketing Week, Econsultancy and many more major players in the industry.

“With the industry changing at such a rapid rate, I think it’s so important to make continuous learning a priority in marketing. And I am very proud of what I’ve achieved to date. We are now arranging a party to celebrate with the team. I think this milestone deserves a party!”

Alongside her Chartered Marketer status, in 2020 Lindsay was elected as a Fellow of the CIM (FCIM), which is only awarded to marketers with significant senior strategic experience. The CIM states that FCIMs are considered leaders in their field.

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